Fidelity’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important part of the company strategy.

Giving back to the society has always been an important part of our everyday business.

The most recent initiative is the Fidelity’s support of the “Stop Cancer” Program, of which our company is the main Sponsor.

 The scope of the project includes:

  • Early, intact & accurate diagnosis of the neoplastic changes (cancers) which shall provide to:

o   Better treatment of the patients and

o   probably fast cure

o   Survival

o   Extend the patient’s life expectancy

o   Improve the patients quality of life

o   Cost effective treatment

  • The training of young Polish pathologists in the leading European centers.
  • Education and improvement of medical and diagnostic knowledge of the young doctors.
  • Sharing the knowledge and skills learned abroad with other doctors in Poland.

Why is the pathologist essential in the process of recovery?

        Establishing accurate diagnosis of a disease

à crucial for starting the appropriate therapy!

        Counselling on treatments and interventions assisting recovery

        As the foremost experts on diseases and their effects, pathologists can help tremendously in accurately describing and understanding our illness.

Effect on the health service in Poland

        Unification of the standards and norms according to the European level.

        Sustainable effort to spread the knowledge and raise the qualification of the cadres.

        Better clinico-pathological cooperation.

        Early diagnosis and early treatment provoding to cure.

        Cost effective treatment and less total cost comparing to late diagnosis.

        Better quality of life.


The “Stop Cancer” project is an initiative of the Rotary Club Warszawa City together with the Department of Pathology Medical University of Warsaw, which is one of the oldest departments of pathology in Poland, started in 1857 by prof. Włodzimierz Brodowski.